I asked the Lord what his word for 2021 was and this is what He gave me a few days ago.

“Great things will happen this year. Restoration will occur and my kings will be in their rightful places and I shall be known as a restorer. My children shall shine in the world and many will come to me.
I am going to prosper many and the past will be righted as this is what I desire to see.
So listen carefully and tell people that my heart is with them and I know the pain they have been through but now things change quickly and I bring much to light as I show the world what has been happening. My plans and timing are perfect and they come into play.
Time is short so I will work quickly now to bring about the path that I have in mind so many will walk righteously and correctly. Much repentance and celebration will happen as one comes out of the other . The harvest is huge, and this has commenced now as many will come to me and the churches will be overflowing. It is going to be a great time that the world has never seen before so let’s enjoy it and let’s celebrate and let’s complete all that I have given you to do.
Fire will pour down and power will come with it and the signs and wonders will blow the world away. This is the time we go into and this is what you can look forward to this year son.
Fire power glory and the promises being met.
Be obedient be observant and listen carefully to me as I give many instructions now. The harvest begins and all my children are required to participate. No sitting on the fence as the active shall be rewarded.
Be powerfully blessed now my children. Obedience and loyalty is rewarded on earth as it is in heaven.”

Wow a wonderful word He gives and a season change has commenced.  Many of the words of promise that He has given over you and over many will come to be this year.  His promises are real and He is moving in his timeline now as He shows that He is God.  You can expect much but we are required to move into this and participate in what He has spoken over us. 

I feel there will be abundance over the next few years for His children like never seen before as He releases and corrects.  About the same time I got this word for 2021 I was also given a story from the bible twice in the same day.  This was the story of Joseph and the seven years of abundance followed by the seven years of famine.  I thought this was a bit strange but when I read this story it struck me that Joseph put aside 20% of the abundant years for the years of famine that followed that.  I felt like the Lord was showing me as we enjoy the wonderful years ahead that we are to wisely put aside 20% of this (or a portion that the Lord highlights to you) to cater for what may come in the future.  It is all His kingdom finance but He expects us to be wise. I encourage you to be wise in this and as you walk in abundance and provision to stay close to God as this can be even harder to do in abundance than in lack.  He has said to be many times that He can teach me easier when I have lack around.  The real test will come now to see whether we can stand in Him and keep Him in front as the abundance comes to us.

So it is an exciting time which comes out of the hardness of what has been. As I type He now gives me this word to reinforce the earlier word.

“Many people are going to come to me and I ask all of my children to disciple them.  You know me and you know my love for my children so step up with me and bless those who come now to know me. I will put many of you into a position of authority which you are made for and the responsibility will be upon you but know that I am with you and I will bless all my children.  I will not let you fall if you obey my commandments and spend time with me.  I desire relationship and I desire to be close to you.  Be excited because much is coming and will not be stopped now as it is written in my books and what I write I deliver on.  My promises will be met and my children will be blessed.  This is the year we go into and this is what the world will see.  My children will stand out and my plans will be revealed for those in the know.” 

As I type this I see a vision of footsteps being made and I am reminded that He requires us to move in his footsteps.  I see the footsteps being made in sand but as we step in his footsteps it is stepping on stones in the sand.  It as a firm foundation.  This is what we get to walk in.

“When people are looking for answers with what is happening around them you will have the answers as my children because you hear my voice and you know me.  Give them the answers, share me and make them know there is an answer for all the uncertainty and pain around them.  I AM the answer and I AM the solution for what they seek.  I AM in all and I desire to come out in all now and to see all my children come to me.  Be my disciples and bring my light into the world.  Seek me individually and I will give you that answers you are seeking.  It is time to move forward in all.  I release you into it.”

Amen may your year ahead be blessed.

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