For the kingdom of God is not in word but in power.


This is a verse that I have contemplated on for a long time as I wanted to understand this relationship between the word and power.

I asked the Lord (through a friend with a strong prophetic gift) to explain this verse for me and this is what the Lord told us.

“The word of God is the power to create but the power is from the throne. It is not in what is spoken it is in the omnipresent of entity of the Lord in all that is. So quoting scripture is words and words don’t have power, it is he who quotes them who has the power that is why the word is Jesus Christ. It is in the entity of Jesus Christ that there is the power not in the physical words. So when a word is spoken it is because the vessel who speaks it has the authority and that authority ignites the word. That is why when a father curses it is a serious thing because of his position not because of the words spoken. So power is where the treasure is, the words are the action but they are not the source. Do you understand?”


I then asked “so Paul walked in power in his sphere of influence and as one with the Lord”


The Lords answer

“Power is given. Power is not an individual. It is who they are subject to so Paul was wholly subject to Me and because of this his form being his spirit, soul and body were a perfect conductor for my power. That is why we endeavour to be as clean as possible so that the Father can flow.”


WOW let me clean, let me wholly subject to You and let the power flow for Your glory Father.

4 thoughts

  1. Faith in the words of prayers and in the name of Jesus the word will come true or prayers will come true but need you to believe and have faith on it.


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