It strikes me that God requires a relationship with us that involves communication and that he wants to talk to us.  My children hear my voice.

I believe the Lord really wants us all to hear His voice as it is a natural state to be in.  He gave us some words a while ago “I need all My children to hear My voice clearly because in times ahead they will need to obey My voice. When I tell my children to turn left they will need to turn and when I tell my children to turn right they will need to turn.”

God talks to us in numerable ways as He wants us to be comfortable with how we hear Him.  He can talk to us through the word which becomes alive for us like Hebrews 4:12 Living and powerful.  He talks to us through our mind and he talks to us audibly.  He can talk to us through a physical sign which may be as simple as a physical tingle through the body as confirmation. He can speak to us through dreams and through visions.  He has so many techniques because He wants us to hear Him.

One thing He has shown me is that to hear Him we have to contend initially.  It is something we have to push into.  I think He uses this time of contention to understand how to hold onto the voice so that in times of warfare or times of trial we can stand on His voice.  Even through this contention and at times in our walk He will withdraw His voice so that we know how to stand in faith regardless.

The ways we hear His voice vary depending on your calling, gifting and anointing.  I hear His voice in my head like that internal voice but I also hear Him when I am in the word and He wants me to understand something.  And then He will use a vision to break open something that he wants to start talking to me about.

An example yesterday was when I was in my quiet time with Him I felt an anointing to get up and go to a men’s prayer meeting I had been invited to but had previously said no to.  He then showed me a vision of an egg which then cracked open into a pan to start cooking.  I thought about this and he said to get to the good stuff in the egg you need to crack it open.  He then said how do you crack it open?  He said by prayer so get going.  Later on that morning I felt him show me that the egg looks good when it is in its natural state but we need to crack the veneer to get to what He has in side.

He wants to talk to us to impart His wisdom.

I have a friend who hears His voice and speaks it very clearly repeating word for word what The Lord is imparting.  I can hear His voice through this friend in this way because there are times the Lord wants me to hear more detail. He also wants us to work as a body and understand the gifting’s compound when the body are gathered.

In prayer with another friend this week he raised the point that the Lord wanted us to just do more than move ahead.  He felt that the Lord wanted us at this time to gather His wisdom so that we were strong moving forward not foolish.  I believe this is right on the mark at this time as He prepares us for what He is going to do in the future.

I would like to share a couple of bits of his wisdom that He has shared with us in the last few weeks.  I believe these words show what one of the main intentions of the Lord is for us in hearing His voice.  Wisdom. These words come through my friend that hears the Lord word for word.

Some words from the Lord



The lord told us

“Remember we start with personal repentance because it is about one’s own life and some people get stuck there because of the concept of a singular moment of being saved. Where we are external beings and we do not live in a singular moment or in a singular dimension therefore we are at war and war means accusation and repentance is our defence and our arsenal must start with our own homes, our own defences, before we move forward and take ground.”


Wisdom from the Lord, get your own house clean before moving forward.  Don’t provide room for the enemy to smash you because you have given him rights and not used repentance as a weapon to take away those rights. Jesus’s blood paid the price IF you have repented.



We asked the Lord about receiving His blessing as we felt we weren’t receiving it all.

In return The Lord asked us “how can we see Jacobs ladder in our life.”

After we tried to answer this His answer was

“Are you ready to wrestle for the blessing?

One of our answers was “I feel like I have been wrestling all my life”

The Lords answer.

XXX you are one man, I do not want to bless with one man alone so this is my challenge to the body who want to see the provision of that which comes from heaven. You must wrestle the living God for it. To wrestle is to not give up and to continue to fight until you have exactly what you desire. But be careful for the Lord will give what you ask so do not ask amiss.”

I then joked about getting up that ladder to get the blessing.

The Lord answered

“Darren you do not ascend to heaven at this time, you are shown in your personal life images, reflections, monologues but you have not ascended in your spirit so Jacob’s ladder is not about Jacob entering into his heavenly inheritance. That is reserved for after you pass through into the spiritual. What Jacob was receiving was an advance payment of blessing to fulfil his purpose in a chronological order in the line that he occupied and was quoted throughout the preceding years in the Jewish nation even into today. So when I give the example of Jacob’s ladder I am talking about receiving an advancement for the people on the earth of what they can look forward to when they enter into glory so you are asking for my blessing in all things so that you will be an object of desire to woo the people.”


Wow let us woo the people to The Lord. Amen



From the Lord

“Cast your nets and work all night. For the casting of the nets is not just about the catching of the fish, it was developing the workers and made them ready to celebrate the harvest when it came. If it came on the first throw of the net where was the glory in that?  I reserved the glory for when the men had spent themselves so that the Father was glorified and that men were prepared to work hard because there was a reward when they followed the Lord. Now when people work hard surely the net will be full in season.”


Amen let us work hard for the full net.


I share these words as I believe God wants to talk to us more and more right now as He is preparing for the harvest and He wants you to hear His voice.

Push in listen and be Blessed.

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  1. Thanks a lot for God use you to let us know that He is communicating with us and how He has ways to communicate with us.

    You’re a blessing!


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