Matthew 18:18

Assuredly, I say to you, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.


I have heard different views and applications of binding and loosing so we asked the Lord to explain this.


His response

“To bind is to take hold of something that is loose, fluid, able to respond and is to restrain it, to curtail it, to contain it, to restrict so that which is bound in heaven shall be bound on earth. So in heaven we need the authority to be able to bind which is a legal format because it is based on the reasoning against the rules. The rules being My doctrine, My nature, My word. So first of all we have to have the right to bind and the reason we are binding needs to be in line with the will of God. Anything that is spawn from the enemy is against the Lord therefore it may be bound so we ask for it to be bound and this is a court of law. Then what is bound in heaven maybe be bound on earth. To be bound on earth is to restrain, to curtail, to encircle, to enslave to imprison. It is an entity that is bound, a physical spiritual entity or entities, so you are literally asking the heavenly host to be given an assignment to go forth on the land on which you occupy, take the chains and the fetters of iron to search out, to hunt down the entity or the entities and literally bind them under a legal verdict, a sentence, for a designated time. That time is dependent on what rights you have.”


I asked what does to loose mean

His answer

“To loose means to set the captive free, to bring freedom, to allow liberty, to receive and to have that which has previously been held back to be loosed. This is also something the enemy uses if there is sin. He pledges and petitions that the blessing that were to come be held back and that he will loose the reaper and the consequences will fall. But in the same measure you may loose after you have bound, all that has been reserved that has previously been held back. To loose means to claim what has been reserved for you.  Loosing does not mean being able to claim what has not been repaired. Do you understand?”


My question was does repentance stop the enemy here (repair).

His answer

“To repent removes the accusation, the judgement and mediates the consequences but there is always consequences for free will actions but there is also mercy and strengthening for redemption in the midst of consequences”


Thank you Lord for your explanation.  Let us practise this, let us be in our territory, let us be in your rules.  Let us walk how we are meant to walk.

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