The LORD puts a calling on your life and this will require a step of faith into what you are being asked to do.  A few years ago I was working on my calling and something He had asked me to build.  I then found out that what I had built was just the first component of something a lot bigger.  We had also been battered quite badly through the process and were under constant attack as the enemy doesn’t want finished what we are working on.

The Lord had a word for me at this time.  It was in the form of a story which is sometimes how He shares things. These are His words


“So this is the story, it’s a child’s story

It’s the story of the three little pigs. 

Now the first little pig he made the skeleton and the wolf came along and he blew the house down but that little pig was smart and he grabbed the skeleton and he ran to the next little pigs house. Now the next little pig he put the flesh on and then the wolf came and he blew that pigs house down so the second pig was smart too so he grabbed the flesh and he grabbed the first pigs skeleton and then they ran to the third little pigs house. Now the third little pigs house was the finish and this is where he put the skin on and he put the steps in the form of blocks and then the wolf came along and he could not get in because the house was finished.

Now you have done the first step and you have done an excellent job now the wolf has come to blow at you and to make you all discouraged but don’t be discouraged because you are just moving to the next house. Now it is a lot of work and this is a huge assignment I have given you and you are under stress because your house keeps getting blown down with this provision. So you have to keep running to the next house but you are a smart little pig and you now have the skeleton. Now you may feel like you are running and you may feel like you are running for your life but you still have that skeleton and now we put the flesh on and then you will run again until we get to the end and when we are at the end I will put the bricks around you and that wolf will no longer be able to get you. But in the journey it is frightening and you are running so do not underestimate this because I know it is not easy. …”


But this journey in the story was more than just the assignment being worked on, it was also a walk in my spiritual life and in my soul. He was transforming me along the way Romans 12:2.

Three years later He tells me we are working on the brick house and I can feel this in the assignment and in the spiritual.

He has assignments for each of us and they require faith, courage and a total focus on Him.

Building our temple requires us to step out and start.  This may be simple steps at first but it is steps that are required as He needs something to work with and that is us stepping out.  Give Him something to work with.


1 Peter 5:10

But may the God of all grace, who called us to His eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after you have suffered a while, perfect, establish, strengthen, and settle you.


It is a process and it takes time be prepared to go the distance.

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