This morning 2-12-16

The Lord asked me to go to 1 Kings again this morning and highlighted to me the following verses.  As I share these messages (blogs) from previous revelations that He has given me He brings me back to some key verses to show me He is with me when I am posting them.  How often when we meditate on something or work in an area He will give us more and more on these areas to remind us he likes the fact we are pushing into Him.  This is the parable of the talents. Push in and He will give more. Share and He will give more.

1 Kings 6:11-13

Then the word of the LORD came to Solomon, saying:

“concerning this temple which you are building, if you walk in My statutes, execute My judgements, keep all My commandments, and walk in them, then I will perform My word with you, which I spoke to your father David.

And I will dwell among the children of Israel, and will not forsake My people Israel.”

As we build the temple (us) he want us to walk in the way He has outlined to us. He shows us in His word how this walk is to be.  He can then perform the words that are written in the books, archives, scrolls and recordings He has about us and our lives.  For the Lord to perform these we must have the temple right.

I Kings 6:19-21

And he prepared the inner sanctuary inside the temple, to set the ark of the covenant of the LORD there.

The inner sanctuary was twenty cubits long, twenty cubits wide, and twenty cubits high. He overlaid it with pure gold, and overlaid the altar of cedar.

So Solomon overlaid the inside of the temple with pure gold.

He will refine us as pure gold where we allow it.

For the judgements to be executed in our favour He must have a temple laid with pure gold.  In this way there is no room for an accusation of the enemy to be made against us as we are pure. Let us be like this Lord.  Let us keep your commandments and let us walk in them.

This is a fundamental position we must stand in to complete the temple.  Not our walk but His.

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